A challenge to Uthayakumar : Come together as one and secure justice and equality for all

The People's Parliament

The following are excerpts from a post here on 28th November, 2007 :

“… in substance, both Hindraf and the ‘One People, One Nation’ initiative desire the same thing. We are, therefore, not opponents.

BN and its ‘divide and rule’ blueprint is our common enemy.

….The Hindraf leadership, I hope, will forgive me for this observation, and that is, that Hindraf has thus far taken an isolationist approach in pursuing its cause.

Perhaps, until Sunday, circumstances made it necessary.

The danger that we face now is that, if we pursue our respective strategies and methods independent of each other rather than working together on a common strategy, neither will get anywhere and the current status quo will remain.

In all humility, I say that if Hindraf is to take the cause that it now champions to its desired end, it must now change course.

I ask the Hindraf leadership to reflect upon this with an open heart.

My friends and I would welcome with open arms the Hindraf leadership to come together as one and secure justice and equality for all”.