UMNO Symbolism – FAIL

UMNO sounds like Ermmm….No!

By CK Gord

Does it ever cross your mind that there's something wrong with the acronym UMNO?

It kinda sounded like someone hesitated before saying 'No!'.

Hesitate= "Erm…."
Rejecting = "No!"

Ermmmm….. No!


Acronym- FAIL
A Conservative Malay Muslim Party with English Acronym

Being a Malay nationalist party which tries to uplift 'everything Malay'…..
Why is UMNO in English?

United Malays National Organization.

Why Not "Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu" PKMB?

Logic – FAIL
Indonesian Flag?
Does anyone noticed that there are something wrong with UMNO Flag?

UMNO FLAG- Red/White base with Yellow Circle/Green Kris.


It kinda looked like UMNO is trying to terrorize Indonesia with its Yellow and Kris symbol.
Or.. are they Indonesian with Kris?

I know Yellow colour is the Royal Colour. But why do they place the kris on the yellow symbol?
Trying to 'do something' to the Royal?

Some people called the Chinese the 'YELLOW' race.
If you interpret it this way, it could mean "Use the Kris on Chinese and Bath them in Blood" (Kris on Yellow with Red Background Stain)

Flag- FAIL
A wrong Logo
What about UMNO logo?

It consists of Arabic letters mirror-imaged to mean "United Malays National Organization"= "Pa Kaf Mim Ba-ra"

Mirror-imaging letters in many culture represents something inauspicious.
Chinese seek the balance in Mirror-imaging letters to represents the Ying and Yang.
Or… The Good and the Bad… TWO-FACED.

I'm not too sure if UMNO is ever TWO-FACED.

Let's decipher the LOGO further.
Hmmm.. What does it look like to you??

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