Najib: Judge BN by its actions

(NST) SIBU: The prime minister last night urged Malaysians to judge the Barisan Nasional government based on its actions.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak said: "Please judge us by our actions, we are not going to play politics."

The BN would not promise the people things it could not deliver, he said at the launch of the 26th National Chinese Cultural Carnival at the town field here.

"What BN promises you, we will deliver, That is BN's way of doing things," he told the crowd of 40,000.

Praising the Chinese Malaysians, Najib said: "They have given Malaysia a new spirit. One reason why Malaysia is a success is their determination and spirit of entrepreneurship. As such, they have contributed to the success of Malaysia.

"It is due to this that we can have good relationships under the 1Malaysia concept, and that foreign countries, like China, respect us and we can strengthen our economic ties with them.

"I was given to understand that China, with its huge reserves, is prepared to invest in Malaysia. I will make an announcement on this from time to time. China considers its ties with Malaysia as very important and we have shown that our friendship can be translated in terms of the economy."

Najib said Malaysia had historical links with China, starting from the visit of Admiral Cheng Ho some 500 years ago. As a result, many Chinese had, subsequent to that, chosen Malaysia as their country.

On the carnival, he said the huge turnout showed it was well appreciated and that any community that nurtured and strengthened its culture and values would be respected.

Najib was impressed with the racial harmony in Sibu, saying it was clearly seen at the Sibu night market where the Chinese and the Malays were plying their trade side by side.

"This cultural interaction is indicative of 1Malaysia, a concept based on acceptance rather than tolerance."

The acceptance of 1Malaysia by all Malaysians could make the country even more respected, he added.

Najib also announced a RM150 million allocation for the expansion of Sibu Airport.

He said the Federal Government would help Sibu with flood mitigation and housing projects.