Why Najib’s 1Malaysia will fail – Final

The People's Parliament

On 15th June, in Parliament, Najib purported to explain his 1Malaysia. This is The Malaysian Insider’s Hafidz Baharom’s take on that explanation:

“Personally looking at it, I still don’t understand just what exactly the 1 Malaysia concept is. I mean, even Mahathir’s Vision 2020 and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Islam Hadhari had better explanations.

If there was one thing our beloved Prime Minister has done, it’s to confuse everyone in Malaysia with a policy that isn’t “too rigid” but unoriginal, unexplainable and downright incomprehensible to anyone but himself”.

Hafidz, in his article, alluded to his penchant for referring to Hansard. If you would like to refer to Hansard to get a blow-by-blow account of what Najib said on his 1Malaysia, you can access the same, in PDF, HERE. Go directly to page 8 for that account. Take it from page 1 if you want to read about the antics that followed Nizar’s swearing-in.

Personally, I preferred to try and make sense of Najib’s 1Malaysia, if at all possible, from his dissertation that was uploaded on his blog on 15th June and 18th June.

He starts off in the second paragraph by declaring that the ultimate goal of 1Malaysia is national unity which, he says, has been the vision of the leaders before him.

Tunku, I believe so. Hussein Onn, perhaps.



Pak Lah?

A bit of Mahathir’s ‘distortion’ creeping into 1Malaysia, don’t you think?

1Malaysia, Najib says, differs from the aspirations of earlier leaders only in its approach and implementation.

Let’s see.