Is Malaysia Today turning to be an escapism without any real result?

I applaud the efforts of the caliphs, crusaders and sadhus of Malaysia Today. But what actually does all this achieve besides providing juicy tales when we, the public, continue to drool on all this without taking any action. Typical Malaysian Mah!!! All talk, no action – or hoping someone will do it for you.

Sure, many have come forward with their noteworthy comments amongst the typical morons for their own frustration. Yet RPK has to go into hiding and all we can do is cry and wallow hoping this and hoping that. What can you hope in life when RPK can’t even muster over 200 people in action to support his causes. The man has the credibility to challenge the system. We, the people, have the capacity to comment and state all our frustration for the platform that he had provided. That’s all. Your action stops there.        

Yes, you people must be thinking, who the **** am I to say all this, what the **** have this guy had done that makes him better than us. This is the problem. It is not who does it better, but are you doing it, does anybody needs to recognize it or an attempt to seek an audience what is only good for you.

Phew! I came so far. I feel sad and disappointed that RPK tried his best to educate us and enlighten us of the direction of the country. But he can’t do it all by himself unless and until we ourselves seek what is good for the community for the truth lies very transparent before us. RPK tries to cajole us, indicate to us, motivate us, yet we can only think that it is fear by association.

The public’s personal fear can never be erased but I am like you yearning to act and make the change with the knowledge and efforts dissipated by people like RPK and others. You and me have a choice but not the masses, and our ability to hide behind the skirt of fear allows the enemy at the gate to ride against the tide of humanity.

I am sure we all met Malaysian all over the world, and one thing hold close to us is being a Malaysian irrespective of race, religion, color or creed. It is a pride by itself being a Malaysian, but why do we fail see beyond this is a sad affair for our own individual need.   

We don’t want to be the superpower of the world nor imitate Singapore, the mini America to dwelve in everything for the sake of $$$$. No there is more to it if humanity that we seek a GOD gifted rational mind to see what is wrong and right for other not for yourself.

I am not preaching, but fail to understand why every action that we do or embark in is for ourselves rather that for the community that we live in. I guess it is your action and efforts to march a Machiavellian theory or an Orwellian theory. What ever the theory it can be, nothing happens if you can only think of yourself.   

Go look it up because being the coconut in the shell, you know it all.     

R. Shan (Humn Being)