DAP to blame, says MB

(NST) – Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak blamed the Kedah DAP yesterday for the sequence of events that led to the demolition of the abattoir in Kampung Berjaya here.

He said the Kedah DAP had failed to deliver on an alternative site for the facility after asking for a month's grace to do so.

"Go ahead, if it (Kedah DAP) thinks it is bigger than the national DAP," he said when asked to comment on the Kedah DAP announcement that it had pulled Kota Darulaman state assemblyman, Lee Guan Aik, out of the state PR government.

Azizan said he was leaving it to Pas and the DAP national leadership to settle the problem.

"I regret that they are playing politics with the issue. It is as if Kedah DAP wants the state to be ruled again by the Barisan Nasional again."
State Parti Keadilan Rakyat chairman Ahmad Kassim said the matter, which he described as "small", should not be turned into a racial issue.

He said Kedah PKR fully supported the city council's decision to demolish the abattoir.

"In fact, we in Kedah PKR share the blame for the demolition because we were slow to help resolve the matter."