Najib, the blogger

(Bernama) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he is exploring several ideas to make his 1Malaysia website as interactive and accessible to Malaysians as possible.

His goal was to ensure that discussions at continue in a healthy way, whether between him and the people or among visitors and contributors to the dialogue.

"To those of you who have read my blog and other contents on this website and who have left comments or voted in the web polls, I thank you for your participation and encourage you to continue doing so," he said in the blog.

He said that some weeks ago he had selected a handful of blog comments posted on his website and blogged a response which, he was happy to note, was well-received and he looked forward to doing that again.

With this in mind, he invited the people to participate in a video Q&A session on

"In order to take part, you need to record a video of yourself asking your question, upload it to a media hosting website and email the link to [email protected].

"You can also email the video directly. I will select a few of the videos and post my video response in another blog.

"As I would like to be able to address the people I am speaking to by name, please introduce yourselves in you video," he said, adding that questions should be brief and to the point (below one minute).

"I plan to post my video response some time in early July and periodically thereafter, and I look forward to answering questions from all of you," he said.