Malaysians’ race obsession must cease

By J.D. Lovrenciear

It is most distressing to observe the frenzy at which politicians are fanning race politics spiked with religious fervor.

While many nations across the third-world belt are rising to new heights fueled along with national interest at heart, amidst the global advances, we are back-tracking and getting into the stagnating rut of racial and religious issues.
The fact is Malaysia is not the only nation with a multi-cultural community of people. In this age of globalization every country has a potpourri of ethnic people yet they do not see themselves along racial and religious lines.
What is worrying is that our headlines keep hogging the politicians' clarion focus on race based politics and the spiking of social development with religious issues.
Today it is an open secret that despite all the many years of national aspirations to build a one nation, we are back to where we started. The need for the launching of the controversial 1-Malaysia is just one such example which speaks much of the sordid state of affairs.
One wonders whatever happened to all the talk and walk for Rukun Negara, and the numerous similar campaigns that screamed to propel the nation into the future of being a one-nation.
If we have failed — which is the case, then who do we blame?
Whether it is the school canteen and playground, or the hallways of higher education; be it the wet markets or the warongs and eateries in big cities,; name any place and you are bound to witness how Malaysians have fallen deep into the gutters, dividing themselves with the blades of race, color and religious dichotomies.
Even though we had set forward at a great and borrowed price to develop the nation dotting the topography and skyline with towering structures and fancy buildings, we have grown far too small in our hearts and minds. That is a fact.
It is about time we set up some high powered ethically sound commission of sorts with noted personalities from independent countries to monitor and watch over politicians, local leaders and opinion formers including the media to ensure that this cartel mindset that is being practiced along race and religious parameters is given the death knoll.
Punishment must be hastened on those guilty of further dividing this nation of people along race and religion parameters.
If we do not pack the horse before the cart, we as a nation may just end up as the leper of Asia some day soon into the future.
Malaysians must rise to the occasion. If our leaders and politicians are incapable of saving the nation then only right-minded citizens can guarantee the future of Malaysia.