1-Malaysia, Talk less, do more Najib

By Dr. Rafick

1. As Najib and BN machinery continue with their propaganda or 1-Malaysia, it seems obvious that many Malaysians are not ready to accept the idea. Many have expressed their reservations. The more Najib is talking about it; it is quite clear that people realized that it is just an empty political talk.

2. I agree with Najib that 1-Malaysia is in line with the spirit of the Nation Constitution. I agree with him that there is a need to close ranks and work as one. When we talk about 1-Malaysia, it is not about having one political party. It is about having the people love and do things to cherish this country as our home. It is about the birth right on the land called Malaysia.

3. What we are seeing now is that the politicization of the 1-Malaysia. There has been no real effort towards its implementation. People in this country comes in various shapes, size and skin colors. To unite the people, the government needs to find the common values among all the people and implement it. There are things that government can do immediately and there are things that can be done in an incremental manner.

4. Allow me to give simple illustration. The moment a child is born in this country our National Registration Department has branded the child. In the Peninsular the child will be labeled as Cina, India, Melayu or others. Some people are sensitive over the word others as it would mean simply as none of the above. If it is none of the above, then what race are they exactly?

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