How race and religion are part of the Malaysian political scene

How can we talk about politics without touching on the matter of race and religion when everything about Malaysian politics involves race and religion? In fact, not only when it comes to politics, almost everything in Malaysia is about race and religion.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Police report against Nik Aziz for 'inciting hatred'
The Star, 25 June 2009

The Kelantan Umno Youth has lodged a police report against Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat for allegedly inciting hatred, anger and possibly causing chaos among the people of Kelantan.

State Youth chief Anuar Safian, who lodged the police report at the Kota Baru police station at 10.30am Thursday added that the police report was lodged to enable the authorities to investigate Nik Abdul Aziz’s speech made on June 21 at Kampung Laloh, Manek Urai at a gathering.

He said Nik Abdul Aziz, who is also PAS spiritual leader, should be investigated under the Sedition Act 1948 and the Internal Security Act 1960 for allegedly inciting chaos and eliciting racial disputes and understanding.

He added that his speech was beyond the scope of a regular ceramah when he attacked Umno by likening the party similar to that of Ayah Pin and the Sky Kingdom and branded Umno as a communist and a socialist party that was anti-Islam.

In his report, he said the spiritual leader’s speech was reported in an English daily and Kelantan TV and many other publications that commented on Nik Abdul Aziz’s speech.

“I want to ask Nik Abdul Aziz how many people had Umno deviated since its involvement in politics for the past 64 years and if we were communists and did not believe in God, just look at what Umno had done for Islam and the Malays all these years.

“His attacks is beyond comprehension and it should be investigated as people might believe his words and in the end people would hate Umno that would lead to untoward incidents,” he told reporters infront of the Kota Baru police station after lodging the police report.


Peguam perempuan Melayu kena main dengan Keling2 di Bar Council

Lima peguam Melayu yang terdiri dari perempuan Melayu telah ditahan oleh polis kerena konon mahu mempertahankan perkumpulan yang untuk menentang kerajaan Melayu UMNO.

Semanngat kekelingan yang ditunjukan oleh peguam perempuan Melayu ini dalam memperjuang kumpulan haram yang anti Sultan Perak sangat menghairankan.

Mereka memperjuangkan Wong Chin Huat yang menghina Sulan Perak kerana menjalan tugasnya melantik UMNO sebagai kerajaan majoriti di Perak.

Kelima perempuan Melayu ini telah diperalat oleh Keling Bar council untuk menjadi heroin terhadap polis Malaysia dan Kerajaan UMNO. Yang masuk jail mereka bukan Ragunath. Kenapa jadi baruah Ragunath dan Wong Chin Huat?

Keling2 di Bar Council ini menyorok dibelakang perempuan Melayu ini dan ramai peguam Melayu yang tak sedar diri mereka dipermainkan oleh Keling2 di Bar Council.

Keadilan adalah budaya Melayu amnya dan tidak perlu Keling2 di Bar Council mengajar polis atau IGP dan Kerajaan Melayu.

Jika adapun tindakan polis di raja Malaysia adalah untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan raja2 Melayu. Kenapa mesti perempuan peguam Melayu ini menentang raja2 Melayu dan menjadi heroin kepada mereka yang mahu mencerca Sultan Perak?

Kenapakah peguam keling satu dan Cina langsung tak ada tidak terlibat dalam 5 peguam ini?

The lawyers , Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, Ravinder Singh Dhalliwal, Syuhaini Safwan, Murni Hidayah and Puspawati Rosman mengikut NST mahu memperjuangkan mereka yang menentang Sultan Perak. Walaupun mereka tidak kenal siapa yang mahu mereka perjuangkan mereka sanggup jadi pak turut Keling Bar Council dan mengaku peguam mereka.

Ramai peguam perempuan Melayu dan peguam lelaki di STAR yang mempromosikan agenda keling di Bar Council dan menidakkan hak orang Melayu sebagai tuanpunya Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Mereka benci kepada hipokrasi PAS tapi lupa kemajuan Melayu adalah kerana dasar liberal UMNO dan kesultanan Melayu bukan PAS.

wallahuallam bisawab

Penulis adalah ahli pejuang hak dan kerajaan Melayu sedunia


The first item above is The Star news report about a police report made against the Kelantan Menteri Besar, Nik Aziz. The second is an e-mail a Malay lawyer friend sent to me. Understandably, my friend was most upset about the matter and he requested me to address the issue.

Now, read this against the backdrop of the statement by the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, that it is un-Islamic for PAS to reject the Umno call to sit down to discuss ‘Malay unity’ and what do you see?

I know. Many can’t see things in its proper perspective unless it is laid out like a story in a kindergarten book. Even then, after I write a long-winded cheong hei article, readers still miss the point and make comments totally unrelated to the issue.

Some readers have asked me to stop writing about Islam. Others condemn the racist tendencies of many Malaysians. Yet others feel that religion should be kept out of politics and that political parties should not be race-based. Some even call for the banning of race-based political parties.

Just to digress a bit, whenever I am asked about my solution on how to end racism in Malaysia, I respond by saying that we should ban and make illegal same-race marriages. Malays should not be allowed to marry Malays, Chinese marry Chinese, and so on. You are only allowed mixed-race or inter-race marriages.

This can never happen of course and I am only joking. Probably 99% of Malaysians would marry someone from their own race. Does this mean 99% of Malaysians are racists? I would not go so far as to put it that way but maybe we could safely classify them as ‘soft’ racists — as opposed to ‘hard’ racists like the Ketuanan Melayu gang.

How can we talk about politics without touching on the matter of race and religion when everything about Malaysian politics involves race and religion? In fact, not only when it comes to politics, almost everything in Malaysia is about race and religion.

Yes, we seek social and economic reforms. But none of this will happen until there is a political will to introduce these reforms. So we also need political reforms. But when politics is centred on race and religion then we need reforms in these areas as well. So there is no way you can avoid talking about race and religion before we can see political reforms, which in turn will bring about the social and economic reforms that we clamour for.

Can you now see the vicious cycle? And can you also now see why I hammer the race and religion issues like there is no tomorrow? Race, religion, politics and economics come as a package. One can’t change without the other also changing. To attack one you have to attack all. Only then will we be able to see total reforms in Malaysia.