Open your eyes and open your heart

By Harrison Ngau Laing, KADAYAN JOURNAL

It’s not a question of change of candidate here. Its the leadership, policies, politics and system of the BN led by Taib Mahmud that is the main cause of all of our problems in Sarawak i.e. they are the ones that gave our land and its resources to the big companies in return for money or funds that support their election campaign.

No matter whether BN/PBB nominates Mr. A, B, or C as their candidate, he or she is still their “fighting cock”. To vote for him or her is still a vote for BN/PBB and Taib as CM, who caused all of our problems. 

Just to give everyone an idea of how hopeless or useless a PBB YB is in defending or fighting to protect our NCR or customary land: 

I am helping a lot of Iban longhouses in Suai, Niah and Bintulu areas whose NCR or customary land was allocated to them by the Brookes and British Govts in the 1930s and 1940s. The communal boundaries of their customary land have been demarcated and recorded by the Brookes and British Govts in a map called “Composite Plan Showing Distribution of Native Farming Lands in Suai Niah and Sibuti” which map is still kept in the office of the Land and Survey Dept. Miri. 

The same land within their communal land boundary is now being alienated or given by the Land and Survey Dept to the big companies for oil palm plantations. Ask any Land and Survey Dept. officer why they did that, he or she would tell you that the Dept gave the land to the big companies on instructions from our political masters in Kuching. 

Who are the said political masters, its Taib Mahmud and Awang Tengah as Ministers of Planning and Resource Management who are in charged of land and forestry matters? Their Assistant is YB Nordin Majais. Which party are they from? It’s PBB/BN!!!

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