Unity talks : Fact or Fallacy

Is UMNO beginning to realize where its stands now and what the party can expect in the coming General Elections (GE)?

By Aspan Alias

Does UMNO know that the party is drooping and sagging and going for the dressing down by the voting public? Are their leaders having the worries like I do about losing in the coming GE?

If the party is not doing anything to correct its mistakes and misadventures, has it started to prepare itself to be a splinter group sitting on the opposition bench just after coming GE both in all Legislative Assemblies?

UMNO Deputy President, TS Muhyiddin (TSM) has already using religion to entice PAS to work with UMNO for the sake of the Muslim Unity and he emphasizes that to forgive and to forget is what the religion wants us to observe.

Tengku Razaleigh was the first UMNO leader to moot the idea of Unity Government many months back but other UMNO leaders were abrasive and uncompromisingly against the idea.

While what he (TSM) says is very right on his religious rationale, it is only said when UMNO is on the way for almost total rejection. While UMNO was in the height of popularity there was nothing said about unity and PAS was tainted to be a party of appalling and ghastly attributes by UMNO.

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