The rally that wasn’t

The People's Parliament

Yesterday, during lunch in PJ, I was alerted to a massive rally that was to take place today at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng in KL.

Seems it was being organised by UMNO youth to get Malays to come out and loudly condemn Anwar’s recent public statements on the issue of whether Chin Peng should be permitted to return home.

At least, so the story went, that was the rationale that was being delivered to the ground in an effort to get a decent crowd attendance.

And if that rationale did not get the throngs in, I was told, then a promise of RM100 and food for each attendee was expected to do the trick.

Called some contacts in UMNO to check on this. Most said they had not heard of such a planned rally and did not think KJ would want to involve the youth wing in something like this, given the current public sentiment.