Malaysia: PAS supporters against ‘unity’ talks

(WFOL.TV) – The shock and awe created by the speech of Party Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) President Ustad Hadi Awang is now turning into a nightmare for the pro-Unity talks PAS leaders.

The party's spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat lambasted the pro-Unity talks leaders with the United Malays National Organization (Umno) as 'Umno puppets' and has now urged the vice-President Nasharuddin Mat Esa to quit the party and join the Umno.

While stating that the unity talks idea was not a PAS idea and came from some 'puppets' of the Umno in the party, the Spiritual leader said the matter was never a black and white thing for the PAS. "If its true that Nasharuddin is agreeable to the unity government, then he had better join Umno. Resign from his posts as deputy (president of the PAS) and in Bachok (MP)," he said.

This is the first time that Nik Aziz, a popular figure among the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) rank and a fierce opponent to the Umno and the Barisan National (BN) has spoken outright against the deputy President of the party. The PAS has had a very long standing success in Kelantan, the only state where Tun Mahathir Mohamad the former PM of Malaysia failed to defeat the PAS after the party won the state under the leadership of Nik Aziz Nik Mat in the mid-1980's.

"Kelantan remains the place where the Umno's scalp is ripped off by the PAS with Nik Aziz as chief. That should serve as the example to the gibbons who are jumping up to become 'Ministers' in an Umno alliance," said a PAS supporter living in Ampang to

"It is obvious that the Umno has been successful in wooing the PAS leaders who spoke in their favor by brandishing the 'ketuanan melayu' issue," another PAS supporter who is also a shop owner said, speaking from the phone.

A burger seller in the night near Taman Kosas, Ampang told that the PAS leaders who fell into the trap were blind to understand that there will be no 'Malay unity' if they dance to the tune of the Umno by themselves. 

"Divide and rule, and this is what is happening. Nik Aziz is right, the unity talks is a divisive one that is to divide the opposition and let the Umno rule. We 'rakyat' cannot accept that at all and if necessary, we must kick the pro-Umno PAS leaders out of the party," said an unemployed odd worker.

One more supporter said: "They once said Anwar is 'Boneka America' now they want the PAS to become 'Boneka Umno', this will not happen."

The rage against the PAS leaders supporting a unity talk with the Umno is growing while the shock and awe is slowly melting into the need to consolidate the Pakatan Rakyat.

"We agree that there may be talks, but not without the PR party components. The PAS cannot backstab Anwar Ibrahim who has done so much and sacrificed so much for the Opposition and for the PAS altogether. I know the Umno must have told these PAS goons that Anwar is guilty of sodomy and must not become PM, but this is not how you abandon a 'chief' who has won you so many honors and so many seats in the elections," added another disgruntled PR supporter to in our first rounds in Ampang.