Najib Rosmah Sdn Bhd – LKY came with Hammer and Nails?

Maybe it was the satay but when it was reported that the reason he paid a separate visit to Rosmah because she and her husband worked as a team and it was necessary for him to understand both members of the team, it raised many eyebrows.

Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew last visited Malaysia in 1989. The architect of the current modern Singapore has never step onto the soil since then, at least officially, due to obvious reason – former Malaysia Prime Minister, Mahathir, won’t allow it. And now that Najib Razak has become the sixth prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew who has close relationship with the Razak family paid a visit to the country and his visit was front-paged by all Chinese-newspapers. As expected the old dictator Mahathir wasn’t amuse with his presence and was as sarcastic as before about the visit. The fact that Lee Kuan Yew was given the welcome carpet as if he was still the Prime Minister of Singapore really anger Mahathir who still hates the senior Lee.

Lee Kuan Yew couldn’t help but to go down the ground to smell the current political sentiment ever since the arrogant and corrupt BN (Barisan Nasional, the coalition governing the country) lost heavily in the Mar 2008 general election. You don’t think this old guy came here for the local durian, do you? He may wish that his country’s intelligence didn’t possess the “evidence” linking Najib to Mongolian beauty Altantuya, if the claim that Singapore intelligence has a file on Najib was true. After all, it’s better to work with a devil that you know than a devil you don’t. In reality senior Lee would rather work with BN than the coalition of PAS-PKR-DAP. Furthermore it’s easier to tell a guy what to do by constantly whispering “I Know What You Did Last Summer”?