Malaysia is number one in the world again for the highest number of deaths in police custody

I am not sure if there exists any record in the world for death in police custody for a person who is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt except of course if it happens and takes place in a 3rd world nation that has no regard for human liberty.

By R. Shan (Human Being)

In America, Orleans Parish jail holds the record and probably the world record for deaths in jail being 52 deaths from 2000- 2008. Mind you, these are convicted and sentenced prisoners.

America, who currently holds the record for the most imprisoned citizens in the world does not record any death while awaiting a charge or offence while in custody of the police in the lock up because there is none. 

In Malaysia, all this is possible in our democratic country, because according to Suaram there were 85 deaths in police custody between 2003 and 2007 (of course minus our own Kugan, the Kedah six and the latest addition of A.Gnanapragasam’s in 2009). I know I am missing 2008 – must a good omen year for the Malaysian Indian.

Oops!!! Too much talk about a Malaysian Indian and I'll be labelled another racist bugger.

There is no doubt and is a well-recognized fact that Malaysian Indians are marginalized and discriminated. But why is this so? Do you ever wonder that this is the same society that paved for the development of the nation through civil service, plantation ie rubber and palm oil, railworks, roadworks for the growth of the nation at least until the 80’s. Today, they are only recognized for vice elements, that it just happens to be an Indian who dies in police custody and nobody actually cares because he must have committed a crime anyway.

Who created the vice elements? Is it the system, or us? Let’s all do our part for what Malaysia can really achieve for Malaysians – whether it be for a Malay, Chinese, Indian or a lain-lain. We can only fight this battle if we are united above everything else if humanity is what we seek. It can be an emotional roller coaster and a materially costly affair, but what the hell; we only live once, we should live it well. Are you ready?