DAP man lodges four reports with MACC against Jawi rep

(The Star) – Nibong Tebal DAP division chief Teh Hock Yong has lodged four reports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Jawi assemblyman Tan Beng Huat.

The reports allege abuse of power, misappropriation of funds allocated to state assemblymen, and using the state logo on a letter to raise RM5,000 for a Chinese temple.

Teh, who arrived at the MACC building at noon on Monday, said he would present the relevant and necessary files and documents to support his reports and hoped that the MACC would investigate the matter and take necessary action.

An MACC officer took an hour to record his statement.

Speaking to reporters before lodging his reports, Teh said the reports included allegations against Tan for issuing a letter which authorised its bearer to act on his behalf to inform former leaders of the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) and Rukun Tetangga in Perkampungan Jawi, Changkat, Nibong Tebal, Jalan Bukit Panchor and Byram of a change in leadership.

Teh said the letter dated April 7, 2008, also tells of the handing over of duties, funds and equipment in the particular organisation, as well as the takeover of government-owned public halls.

“It reveals the handing over of revenue collection from public markets and night markets.

“The letter is proof of Tan’s alleged abuse of power as he was only sworn in as Jawi assemblyman in May last year and the state executive council had yet to appoint the new JKKK,” Teh claimed.

Teh also alleged that Tan had used a state logo in a letter to raise funds totalling RM5,000 for a Chinese temple in Nibong Tebal.

Last week, Teh had lodged a report with the MACC against Tan over the alleged misappropriation of funds for a karaoke set for Persatuan Amal Chin Chee Kok by using a RM2,000 allocation for the set, which he claims was only worth RM450.

Following Teh’s accusation, Tan submitted his undated letter of resignation on June 11 following a request by the state DAP.

When contacted on Monday over the alleged use of the state logo in a letter, Tan said he had surrendered all the necessary accounts to the state and was awaiting the audit report.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, in a statement here Monday, said that the Penang government received an interim report from state financial officer Farizan Darus on June 12 on Tan’s alleged abuse of power.

“The State Finance Department finds that the RM2,000 allocation given to the Persatuan Amal Chin Chee Kok had been spent on a television set and a DVD player.

“The amount would have been appropriately spent if it included an air-conditioner. We are still awaiting confirmation from the Seberang Prai Selatan district office on whether the air-conditioner was delivered,” Lim said.