If China can be forgiven so can Chin Peng, says Anwar

By Neville Spykerman, The Malaysian Insider

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today lashed out at those who are turning Chin Peng’s wish to return to Malaysia into a racial issue.

He said the former leader of the Communist Party of Malaysia (CPM) was just an old man who wished to end his day in the country.

Anwar said if Malaysia could forgive communist China who supported the insurgency in Malaya at the time, there was no reason not to forgive Chin Peng.

“We are at peace with China and their communist government. Why can’t we forgive Chin Peng?” he asked.

Anwar, who was speaking at PKR’s special national congress, said he was not condoning the past militant actions of the communist but expects his words to be twisted by the local media.

He predicted some of the local press would report that PKR supports the communist but they would be doing a disservice to their readers.

The opposition leader said he opposed the communist activities as a young man and nothing had changed.