Anwar: No unity gov’t with BN, but may meet over Perak

(Suara Keadilan) – Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim reiterated that Pakatan Rakyat would not form any unity government with Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Umno-BN.

However, it may meet with the premier to break the political deadlock in Perak.

The reform icon said the Pakatan coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS was ready to listen to Najib’s views on Perak “if they too are prepared to listen to us.”

He agreed with PAS president Hadi Awang that any unity talks would come only after Najib “stops all the cruelty, reforms the judiciary and the Election Commission”.

“But I would like to stress that there is no such thing as forming a unity government with them,” said Anwar.

Unity in diversity

He was speaking at the PKR’s special congress, where the party is poised to approve a raft of reforms aimed at taking it to the forefront of the political league and helping it achieve national power together with its coalition allies.

At a pre-congress dinner and discussion on Friday night, Anwar had also called on PKR members to value their ties with PAS and DAP.

He urged them to use “proper channels” – such as the on-going special congress – to speak their minds on areas where the parties differred in views. This was to prevent the Umno-controlled media from capitalizing on issues and driving wedges amongst the trio.

“We must not play into their hands,” he said.