Husam appointed to PAS CWC

By Adib Zalkapli, The Malaysian Insider

Three senior Kelantan leaders — Datuk Husam Musa, Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman and Wan Ubaidah Omar — were appointed to the PAS central working committee today.

Husam, who lost the deputy presidential contest, will be put in charge of party strategy and planning, while Abdul Halim, who failed to win a central working committee post at the party's recent elections, was made the party's new election director.

Another defeated deputy presidential contender Mohamad Sabu will also be in the new central working committee.

The announcement was made by party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today and is seen as an attempt to pacify supporters of spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat who had expressed disappointment over the defeat of almost all Kelantan leaders in the party election last weekend.

The former election director and a close ally of the party president, Datuk Mustafa Ali, was appointed secretary-general.

“He is very experienced, a very senior leader and we need him to strengthen the administration of the PAS headquarters,” Hadi told reporters after chairing a three-hour central working committee meeting.

Hadi also expressed his confidence that those appointed, including Husam and Mohamad, would accept the offer, when asked whether they had been informed of the decision.

“God willing they will accept. They are very important leaders in the party and I have said before, what happened in the party was an election not a purge,” he told reporters.

The relatively unknown Idris Ahmad will be the new information chief, replacing Datuk Mahfuz Omar, who won a vice-president’s post.

Dr Hatta Ramli was retained as the party treasurer.

The party also increased the number of women in the central committee with the appointment of Kota Raja MP Dr Mariah Mahmud and Wan Ubaidah, to join the sole woman elected to the committee, Dr Lo'lo' Ghazali.

Also appointed to the committee are former PKR leader Anuar Tahir, Paroi assemblyman Mohamad Taufek Ghani, Perak PAS deputy chief Asmuni Awi and Sabah PAS deputy chief Ahmad Dolla.