Definition of ‘Communists

The author grew up in Shah Alam. Vaguely remember one teacher in Seksyen 6 Shah Alam primary school who once called him; one of the two sole Cinas in the class as 'Komunis'. She described people who Chinese Ethnic as loyalists to China in her lousy Math class. The author was the top Math student in the school.

By CK Gord

There's one propaganda that is seriously offensive to "MALAYSIAN OF CHINESE ETHNIC" and that is how some assholes associate them as LOYALISTS to CHINA.

For that reason, they call them the 'Communists'. Especially those who are Anti-BN.

Hell No. Chin Peng and his gangs are long gone. Even they don't have any loyalty to China.

As I've said many times (that's only if you've been reading all the crap I've been ranting about); – if a war broke out between China and Malaysia, you can be sure I'm standing on the Malaysian Military side, defending my comrades; whether they are Malay, Indian or Eskimo. Of coz, I don't hope to have a war on. We should all live in PEACE.

The reason why China needs communism is for the purpose of National Unity. They actually have good reasons to keep communism; but in time, they will eventually liberalize and evolve to a more modern system.

I strongly believe communism is not for Malaysia. And, as a matter of fact, communism is bad for a country that strongly practice corruption.

The question is now: Why do some assholes label Chinese Ethnics who're not pro-BN as Communists?

They do it for political mileage. By instilling fear onto Malays who're naive; that CHINA WILL CONQUER MALAYSIA , they will vote for a political party that will protect their race. So to mean, a political PROPAGANDA.

Come on lar… CHINA has enough problem dealing with countries like Taiwan (Which is originally part of China). What kinda idiots think they are interested in taking over Malaysia?

China never had any interest in their ethnic Chinese who're not their citizens; unless it's for BUSINESS.

Even if Chinese-Ethnic Malaysians complain to them in China about how they're unfairly treated, China will certainly not respond. They had long ago treated them as foreigners.

Yes …. Chinese in CHINA treats "MALAYSIAN OF CHINESE ETHNIC" as foreigners.

Ask any "MALAYSIAN OF CHINESE ETHNIC" who went to China for a visit; when the question "What race are you?" is raised, they are going to say "Malaysian".

Chinese from China will nevertheless acknowledge them as 'Malaysian'; like it's a race on its own.


I'm asking those who still believe in this propaganda.

Hi Propagandist: How would it feel if I label you (A Malay of Javanese Descendant) as a loyalist to Indonesia? Sad isn't it?


We're born; … live and die here.

We all eat Nasi Lemak for breakfast and Roti Canai for supper.