SIS strongly urge PAS to re-track resolution against SIS

SIS is surprised by and strongly protest against the resolution passed at the PAS National Meeting to call "for a ban by the National Fatwa Council on the Sisters in Islam (SIS). (Malaysiakini, 7 June 2009).

The motion also called for the National Fatwa Council to conduct a study over SIS' approach in its work to reclaim the rights of Muslim women, which PAS claims is confusing Islamic society and also infiltrating the minds of Muslims and which may destroy the Islamic faith, especially among the younger generation.

The move taken by PAS leaders and members is retrogressive and anti-democratic. It contravenes the guarantee of rights to freedom of expression under the Malaysian Federal Constitution. Implicit in the PAS resolution is its intolerance and prejudice against SIS. The resolution was not even debated by the members at the National Meeting. This demonstrates the arrogance and undemocratic practices of PAS and that it had forgotten that the key reason why they were voted in at the March 8 General Elections. People voted against discrimination, undemocratic practices, non-participation and now PAS' actions have turned the table against the peoples' wishes. It also showed up PAS' intolerance for diverse opinions and views and its action is typical of  a totalitarian mindset that brooks no dissent, different views, debate, or dialogue.
SIS reiterates that our work, for the past 20 years, is based on a belief that Islam is a religion that promotes justice and egalitarianism for all humankind. We strongly urge PAS to re-track its resolution, in the spirit of democracy and respect for diverstiy.
Maria Chin Abdullah
Senior Manager