Statesman or madman?

By Kata Tak Nak

What does one mean when one says that if there were to be a snap election PR would win so don't have a snap-election but rather a confidence vote in the house?

Simple. It means that at that point in time in wherever the snap-election is held, PR is the stronger party. Is that all? Sadly no. It reveals much more.

It also means that the voters, and by voters I mean the Rakyat, wants PR to rule otherwise why would they want to vote the PR in anyway?

There is more to the above statement. It shows the total disregard for the people's wishes by the person who said it.

When that person uttered those words, he had admitted that it is the wish of the people of Perak that they wanted PR to be their government. Isn't that what democracy is all about? The people?

So if he knew that it's the PR that the people wished for isn't he being irresponsible when he said that there should not be a snap-election? Does not that mean that he is actually saying that the wishes of the majority is not important?

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