Silence over turtle eggs issue questioned

(NST) PENDING assemblywoman Violet Wong (DAP) questioned the "eerie silence" on the investigation into claims that senior police officers feasted on turtle eggs at a function earlier this year.

"I want answers, not only for myself but for the people who feel the authorities are playing favourites," she said when debating the motion of thanks for the head of state's address.

Turtles and their eggs are protected in Sarawak. In February, local newspapers showed pictures of turtle eggs being served at a dinner at the General Operations Force (GOF) camp in Batu Kawa. Among those present were the director of Internal Security and Public Order, the Sarawak Commissioner of Police and Sarawak GOF commander.

Yong lodged a report on March 14, and claims "nothing is being done about it".

Yong said the people involved must be brought to court to face charges as such an "irresponsible act must be condemned and stopped".

"This is an international issue as Malaysia is a signatory to the MoU on Asean sea turtle conservation and protection. A lot of environmentalists in other countries are following the situation. If no action is taken, the outside world is going to think the worst of us."

She also took a swipe at the controller of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation for his failure to act, saying Datuk Len Talif Salleh should "resign in shame".