Zambry “slapping” Najib on the face in the circus of Perak

By AirKosong

First, prime minister Najib misled the nation:

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today reiterated Barisan Nasional’s stand in facing the Perak crisis by saying that the coalition would follow the proper process of law in taking control of the state.

He also ruled out on calling for a snap state election in the state, stating that such a thing was the prerogative of the sultan.

He was not telling the full truth, merely pushing his and BN’s responsibility to the Perak Sultan. has a good article debunking it.

But then, his lieutenant in Perak, the yesterday-illegal-today-legal BN-installed menteri besar, Zambry Abdul Kadir filed an appeal in the Court of Appeal this morning. In the application of stay order, Zambry’s lead counsel Cecil Abraham argued that “the stay is important to stop Nizar from seeking the approval of the Perak sultan to dissolve the state assembly… if the dissolution were granted, the appeal would be rendered academic.”

There you go. Zambry is effectively saying: “No, the menteri besar (Nizar) can cause the dissolution to happen, which is detrimental to Zambry’s appeal, therefore we ask the stay order.” Isn’t Zambry slapping Najib for telling lie in the public, indirectly?

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