Understanding the Perak crisis

I had been talking about the Perak crisis for some time. I trust most of my readers have heard almost every single angle to this story, but if you are indeed feel compelled to hear yet another view, you'd probably click the link below.

This is my take.

Where BN/UMNO screwed up

If we look at Perak prior to the entire take over episode, we must understand a couple of things. There were many rumors of Ngeh-Nga inteference in the governing of the state and the perception was that Nizar was just a puppet MB. Of great concern was the decision to rush the 999 year land lease issue, something that touched a raw nerve amongst many Malays in and out of the state.

In my opinion, The Regent of Perak, Tuanku Raja Nazrin had actually been commenting on this state of affairs. One has to go back and parse his words very carefully, if this is lost to you, I won't elaborate further as the palace should be above politics. If something clicks, then very well, you get what I mean.

The second issue was pure economics. Back in late 2008, the signs of the economic slowdown were begining to appear. Right now, we are in a full blown crisis. Once again, loyal readers of mine would have known about this all along. Anyhow, imagine if this takeover had not happened in the first place – right now PM Najib could have instituted many of the projects he had promise in BN controlled states, and the electorate in Perak would perhaps be looking enviously at the fast pace of development elsewhere whilst their EXCO members trotted around in their newly procured Camrys.