RPK, my enemy?

Rocky's Bru

Grow up, man! In his latest posting, A lot of growing up to do, Raja Petra Kamarudin, described recently as "the king of drama" by a Ku Li aide, named me as one of the Umno people who saw him as "The Enemy".

The same also goes for Zakir, ‘Rocky’, Aspan, Ron, and many others — all Umno people. These people, as far as I am concerned, are my friends — fellow Bloggers. Unfortunately, to these people, I am the enemy."

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry reading that, but I know that RPK isn't fit to be my enemy.

Sure, I have ticked RPK off several times in my blog. But that's only because of a problem I have been having with him, i.e. he makes serious allegations in his articles without bothering to check his facts. It's a professional fault, and I've picked on him in my blog postings several times over this bad habit of his.

I've waited for him outside the police station those times after he was picked by the cops for questioning. I am against police intimidation but in the same press statement where I criticized the cops for their art of intimidation, I'd also always stressed the need for bloggers to stick to the truth

Other than that, he does not have the traits that would make him a worthy enemy of mine. Sorry, Pete! and substantiate their allegations. RPK does not do that, you see, and I feared that this would eventually give bloggers a bad name.