They’re liars

By Kadayan Journal

For those who cannot stop writing by all means go on writing. Those who cannot stop talking please go on talking, whilst those who are thinking of doing something do something but at the same time do take precautions and minimize risks, especially those with loved ones – families, wives, husbands, kids.

Otherwise go marching on doing what you are doing and make more friends as you go along with the idea we are here to get united. 

This message is for those in support to change Malaysia political system in upholding democracy in the true sense. The present system if it continues would bring Malaysians back to the cave age. 

Moving forward we must otherwise, we will be sucked continuously at pleasure of the current authority and leave us on our own peril. Who cares! 

My concerned is but defending the survival of democracy in the country. My concerned is but defending civil liberties we have earned for the past 46 years since the country’s independent. 

As amplified by the event that took place in the State of Perak two days ago, we must strengthen our determination to teach BN a real lesson; with that aim, comes time we must deliver.

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