Stop Telling Me to Migrate to Other Country, Bugger!

Well, before I attended the 507 Perak State Assembly siiting, I thought I knew what to expect, for instance the motion to dismiss the Sepaker and appointing another new speaker, a possible deadlock situation or even a fight among the ADUN.

I prepared myself for it, as you know life is full of surprises, or shocks (at least that was what I felt yesterday), things turn out quite unlike what I had expected.

I witnessed three to four plain cloth police dragged the Speaker A. Sivakumar from the chamber, as fast as a lightning, the only thing i can do is to watch him being dragged out, falling on the floor, and was helped by the plain cloth to stand up and dragged out again. I chased after them, a camera with me, but I was unable to take any picture of that incident. Untill he was out, and I was stopped by the police at the door, I called my office to tell them about the incident.

I’m shaking. Shocked.

And then the ADUN tried to guard the empty seat. The Speaker’s chair was brought down. The plain cloth starting to dragged the Pakatan ADUN out of the speaker seat area one by one. Pushing. Shouting. The flower pot smashed.

I felt that I can’t bear it anymore, and go to the corridor to do my “breath, Shauafui, breath” thing, that’s when I overheard that BN lawyer starting to bullshit with his buddy saying “why should they feel sad, we already got a Federal court order!”

I felt an impulse to respond to his claim and said:”that’s just an declaration!”