Oh NO! Another Race-Based Party…

Soon upon his release, P. Uthayakumar, the Hindraf founder, told The Malaysian Insider that he is considering establishing a new political party.

Q: What are your political plans? Would you join PKR or DAP?

A: (Laughs uproariously…) Out of the question. I am not happy with the two parties and what they have done for the Indian community. They did not do enough in the critical areas that really matter.

Q: What are the critical areas?

A: One is land… land for Tamil schools, temples, squatters and crematoriums… they did not do much. The Pakatan ruled five states and they were masters over land but they did not do much. In Penang there are only 28 Tamil schools but nothing has been done… even with an Indian as deputy chief minister. They could have done, but have not in over one year in power. If they solved the land matter they could have solved 70 per cent of the problems of the Indian community. How can I join their political parties?

When asked if his struggle for the oppressed would include other races. Uthaya replied "Only Indians, for now."

Uthaya should take a leaf from the fate of MIC, a smallish race-based party representing the Indian community. Uthaya may have inspired the community to stand up against being oppressed and marginalised but a political party which depends on the Indian community alone is hardly going to make a big impact in any electoral competition.