Letter to Mr Uthayakumar

Mr Uthayakumar,

This is with regard to your possible plan of forming a new political party.

Dear Sir,

Personally, I do not think that it's so simple, forming a political party and fighting for a just cause just like that. It would be more realistic to do what is most practical first to achieve that goal.

If Sir thinks that by forming a new party (which will take at least 10 years to make a strong positive impact, just like PKR) will solve the Indian issues, then Sir you are surely mistaken. To solve the Indian's problems, you need to be in power first. And to be in power, you will have to fight for a cause which favours the political landscape right now in order to convince the voters to vote you in. And currently, fighting for equality and freedom of expression is a much more popular cause.

Plus, PR's chances of taking over as Federal government is slim at the moment, or at least until the next GE; so if DAP, PKR and PAS combined altogether now are still struggling, what chances do Hindraf or your new political party alone possibly have?

I do understand your frustration on the PR government for not doing enough at the moment, but would forming a new political party help them as well? I don't think so, certainly not until that new political party has a substantial number of MPs in the Parliament, which will take loads of time and effort.

Additionally, would the Electoral commission even allow you to register a new political party? Taking into account of the thorn you are to the current regime and the influences you have on Malaysians, they surely would not. Even if they do, it would probably be 10 years later after a series of court cases between you and them!

So with all due respect sir Mr Uthayakumar, it is really unrealistic to think that you can help the Indian community by forming a political party. No disrespect sir, but the most you could do right now (if you really do not want to join PR) is to form a pressure group and keep pressuring PR and BN to focus on helping the Indians. And that is all.

My advice Sir, and I'm sure so do the rest of the Malaysians who sincerely care for the Indians as well, is to join forces with PR and aim to take over the federal government by next GE. Only after taking over as Federal Government may you negotiate your deal with the new Federal Government and realistically fulfill your lifetime wishes of helping the Indians.

And i think PR will definitely be able to topple the current regime and take over by next GE, judging by the current sentiments of the public and the mistakes that BN made. Only by joining PR and fighting together, will it give you the best shot to help the Indians. And it is not really a long time more, just less than 4 years away.

Your struggle against a tough regime is certainly truly inspiring. But it would certainly not be wise if you were to fight alone with your supporters. Join PR, if not individually then as a party collectively with your supporters as the 4th alliance. Only then will you be stronger and achieve your goal faster. As John Dickinson famously sang, united we stand, devided we fall. And fellow Malaysians certainly do not hope that you will fall or fail in your just cause (although I do hope that a brave politician like you will fight for all races instead).

With warm regards, all the way from Reading, UK.

Low Teck Kuan, David