UMNO’s Inexhaustible Slush Fund

UMNO seems to have an inexhaustible supply of money for its dubious and nefarious activities. It has been discovered where the eternal spring for cash-flow comes from – thanks to the stupid Chinaman.

By Han ah Kau

When the BN government did not help the pig farmers in Negeri Sembilan after the outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis in 1998/1999, MCA mooted the idea of using the existing vehicles of the 4D gaming industry to run a Special Draw to generate funds for the victims. What could be simpler – pay off the winning tickets and the minor overhead and the balance is at your disposal.

The proceeds must have been most lucrative for there have been Special Draws almost every Tuesday ever since. The billion ringgit question is – who is benefitting from all these draws? I know for a fact that it is not the gaming companies. It is not the Government. Such activity is not halal and is not Islamic. After all, the Government had terminated the Social Welfare Lottery because the money derived therefrom was not halal and could not be used for welfare work. 4D games are pure gambling and the Religious Departments have been known to station their officers at 4D outlets to arrest any of their errant adherents. It is not MCA because it is only a minion of UMNO and does not have the clout to muscle in on such a lucrative operation. Who else but …?

Assuming that it makes a nett profit of RM10 million per draw (a conservative figure), imagine the amount accumulated to date (RM10 Million X 52 X 10 years). Wow!

Is it any wonder that they can buy ADUNs at RM25 million a piece, MPs (at you name your price), offer RM30k per month to RPK for his silence, outdo David Copperfield in making people and things disappear into thin air and stage-managing 'kiss and tell' dramas of their political opponents.

With this self-sustaining slush fund of billions there is very little that these people cannot do. It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to delve into this and raise this matter in Parliament. Expose these 'holier than thou' and 'whiter than white' hypocrit4es for what  they really are. Plug the eternal spring and this will really hurt them for what is UMNO without its money?