More explicit pix of Eli Wong in anonymous blog, so how?

Rocky is acquainted with the blogger who is culprit, as are other blogging comrades. As a first step, blogosphere should apply peer pressure on him to remove the photo link at once.

Written by Helen Ang, CPI

'Elizabeth Wong close-up shots and p*****e parts' — reads the headline of a blog posting yesterday.

The posting provided a link to a 'new' batch of pornographic photographs alleged to be of Selangor state assemblywoman Wong, and was published yesterday in a Malaysian blog which has a hit count of half a million-plus.

The blogger writes albeit a little ironically, “I have no need to lie here as my anonymity allows total honesty”.

Falling standards in Malaysian blogosphere — increasingly infiltrated by rowdy Johnny Come Latelys post-March 8 — hit rock bottom with the publication of these claimed close-up shots of Eli Wong.

In an unrelated development, a cyber spat ignited a fortnight ago between pro-Mukhriz Mahathir and pro-Khairy Jamaluddin factions brought about a robust debate regarding blogging ethics and etiquette. The Umno vs Umno skirmish* yielded some points on code of conduct applicable to the current Eli episode.

Ahirudin Attan in his Rocky's Bru posting Ground rules for blogging (April 30) says: “If I were to expose the ID of blogger Hard T and who he works for, he would most likely lose his job next week. His employer might sue him and the cops would want to interview him over some pictures he posted recently will know where to find him.”

Rocky, who is All-Blogs pro-tem president, writes that anonymity gives someone “the freedom to comment on issues without having to worry about being sued or jeopardizing the positions of people close to him or his sources”.**

I would have to disagree with Rocky on this. I do not believe one's anonymity should make someone think he can write irresponsibly, to the point of publishing material that makes him liable to defamation.

However, I do support Rocky's declaration that he would “continue to encourage Anon. Bloggers to unmask and proudly blog as themselves”.