Citizen soldiers: a call to arms

To paraphrase President Franklin Roosevelt, May 7 2009 is a day which will live in infamy.

By Lee Wee Tak

Source: Anil Netto's excellent blog.

I blogged earlier that some people are worried about BN retaking the 2/3 majority in the Parliament and wiping out PR’s gains in 2008 come next general election as the economic cycle could be in the “up” cycle again.

Are we Malaysians really that shallow? A few sweets at election time and we sell our souls and the future of the nation? Some of us might be like that, some of us might still be like that come next GE and shall always be like that.

Ask ourselves this …

Would you WANT to be stuck in a system of selective application and gross disregard of laws and governance, feeding on scraps left by the greedy and privileged?

Go live in a country that has low level of corruption and fairness in drafting and enforcement of legislation and decide if the present administration is being fair to you or not. Some of us might have the answer already as millions of Malaysia had migrated overseas for a better life. Heck, even our ministers and their families utilizes foreign hospitals and universities. Why not bring the environment we carve for from overseas into our country?

Are you only good enough to bitch in mamak stalls or even afraid to speak out? I even heard a graduate from local university not wanting to vote at all fearing that if she had voted for the opposition, she would not get her housing loan approved by a bank.

What do you want and how much are you willing to do for your livelihood as well as for your children’s and their children’s?

This post is about what we, ordinary citizens and taxpayers, can do if you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and decide to take a stand.

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