Perak – it’s over in 2 hours, thanks to Mahathir’s plan?

What would PM Najib do without his mentor Mahathir? In a nutshell Najib is clueless and screwed without Mahathir’s intelligence especially on the matter of Perak State’s power-grab controversy.

It was a huge mess as a result of a coup without a proper plan and Mahathir openly admitted that Najib’s plan to forcefully take over Perak state was done with huge loophole – another way to say Najib should take care (kautim) of the Speaker (Sivakumar) instead of the Camry-crazy Deputy Speaker (Hee Yit Fong). Anyway all is not lost as Mahathir (and his advisors) might just have the workaround to solve Najib’s problem although it’s not perfect. At least Najib can hold on to the Perak state until the next general election and in the process will not lose his face by losing back the Perak state.

Of course the first thing Mahathir need to do is to declare (which he already did yesterday) that the Sultan of Perak does not have the power to remove or sack a Chief Minister to whom he appointed. This makes Mahathir a temporary angel and the oppositions sing the songs of praise. But on the other hand Mahathir secretly deviced a strategy so that the BN coalition led by Najib can retain the Perak state. It’s pathetic to read that IGP (Inspector-General of Police) Musa Hassan has the cheek to say that literally it was not the fault of the police if pregnant women were to die as a result of tragic (fell off from motorcycle or ran over by car) snatch theft. Ironically the IGP has excessive reserve of policemen that hundreds of them could be sent to Perak to intimidate and harass the average-Joes wearing black.