Outrage over Klang Council sanction in marooning strays

By Neville Spykerman, The Malaysian Insider

The capture and dumping of stray dogs from Pulau Ketam to other islands were sanctioned and funded by Klang Municipal Council and councillors.


An emaciated dog eating food left for the marooned strays by the SPCA in Pulau Selat Kering. – Picture by Choo Choy May

A total of 312 dogs were captured and transported to several islands between February 27 and March 12 and the council allegedly paid for each capture while a councillor used his allocations to transport the dogs to the islands.

Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong today told The Malaysian Insider she was outraged at the action of the council.

“I have received information that money came from the municipal council for each dog captured.”

Wong said she had brought the matter up with her executive council colleague Ronnie Liu who is in charge of local councils on Monday and had urged him to investigate the case.

She added that the islands off Pulau Ketam are reserves and the culprits had committed an offence in dumping the dogs there.

This file photo shows how the dogs were caged, then transported from Pulau Ketam to be dumped in nearby deserted islands.

“They should be charged in court.” she said.

Meanwhile, Kapar Member of Parliament S. Manikavasagam said he believed the move to transport the dogs were the work of ill-informed municipal councillors acting beyond their powers.

“I don’t blame the villagers because they have been struggling with the problem for so long but the councillors should know better.”

Manikavasagam who visited Pulau Selat Kering where some of the dogs were abandoned said the state should tighten the leash on some of their councillors.

Speaking to the media today, some villagers tried their hand at damage control by claiming half the dogs abandoned had already made their way back to Pulau Ketam.

“I’ve seen groups of dogs, up to eight of them sometimes, swimming back during low tide,” said one villager.

Map of the islands in Pulau Ketam detailing the location where the stray dogs are being dumped.

However, this had been disputed by Sabrina Yeap from Furry Friends Farm which has been mounting rescue operations to save the animals.

“There is no way half the dogs could swim back to Pulau Ketam because of their weakened condition.”

Yeap added that websites highlighting the plight of the animals had helped raise over RM5,000 from outraged members of the public who want them to rescue the dogs.

Animal rescuer Jackie Tsang (from SAS) is seen here explaining to Klang MP S.Manikavasagam about the dogs that had been abandoned in Pulau Selat Kering. – Picture by Choo Choy May

Also helping to rescue the dogs from the island this morning were volunteers from the (SPCA) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Save a Stray.

Save a Stray founder Jacqueline Tsang said despite their best efforts they managed to just lure two dogs into their cages.

Tsang said the Veterinary Services Department needs to step in with a tranquiliser gun in order to sedate and rescue the other dogs.

Meanwhile, another 1,500 stray dogs remain in Pulau Ketam.

Tsang said most of the dogs are offspring of abandoned pets and the villagers have themselves to blame.

She said a long term solution for the problem is for the strays to be sterilised to keep them from breeding.

However, the move could cost as much as RM90 per animal and they are appealing to the government to step in.

Two dogs which were eventually lured into cages after much effort by the animal activists while at Pulau Selat Kering. – Picture by Choo Choy May