Of the Brickfields affairs

Hafiz Noor Shams

Probably, nobody knew if Wong Chin Huat was actually locked up in Brickfields police district headquarters but that did not turn people off. Why Brickfields was a mystery of the day.

I joked to a friend that it could have been that somebody threw a dice and decided which poor officers would have to suffer a candlelight vigil. Another question is, who was the dice thrower?

One thing was certain. For some people, it did not matter. What mattered was that Wong Chin Huat should be freed.

Over 50 people (I would not be surprised if the number reached 100) including journalists showed up eventually although at first, there were few people.

What do you expect anyway? It was supposed to start at 21:00 Malaysian time. No. That does not refer to +8 UTC mind you.

Those that showed up early got the honor of being arrested. Nine of them all together in the first round of arrest. Merely showing up probably did not cause their arrest; lighting a candle did that. Candles were also the reason why a second group was arrest. Included in the second group was MP for Serdang. In total, 14 individuals were arrested.