Mahathir the happiest man: Final Part

This will be my final part of ‘Mahathir the happiest man’. I chose this as a topic for very simple reason: Mahathir has fascinating political existence and has always got what he wants until today.

He succeeded exceedingly in fulfilling his quench to be the longest reigning Prime Minister of Malaysia and he served the nation for 22 years, his personal success which will never be a broken record at for the next 1 or 2 centuries.

His name is on the same and similar line with the longest serving leaders of the world in history.

Among others are Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, Haile Salassie (pictured) the last Emperor of Ethopia, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Ferdinand Marcos of Phillipines, Suharto of Indonesia and many others which I am not able to list down.

There are a number of negative consequential outcomes to the nation with long reigning leaders like what were experienced by the countries that I have just mentioned.

Romania has almost lost her existence in the global map as a nation with strong consequence as she used to be.

In 1989 Romanian became so divided and the blame went to Ceausescu for overstaying and there were too wide a vacuum in her leadership, and in the same year he died after a military court convicted him and he was shot in front of the naked eyes of the public.

Ten years after the death of President Tito in 1991, Yugoslavia was a dismantled nation geographically and the divide was very clean cut along the ethnic and religious contour.