Live from Perak by The Edge

4.15pm: Sivakumar walks into Dewan, in recess, not wearing official Speaker robes. Said he was brought to a room in the building. PR reps take photos with Ganesan. Nizar to hold press conference.

Assembly adjourned indefinitely, says Ganesan.

4.05pm: Nizar suggests to Ganesan to adjourn sitting to a future date. BN reps stand up and jeer in protest. 

3.54pm: Ganesan announces 15-minute adjournment for Raja Nazrin to be escorted out. After speaking briefly to Nizar, Raja Nazrin shook hands with PR reps followed by BN reps.

Nizar escorts Raja Nazrin out, while Zambry remains in the hall.

3.48pm: Raja Nazrin officiates the assembly, concludes speech by calling on people to value peace and follow good examples.

3.30pm: Raja Nazrin speaks about state development projects and agriculture. Interestingly, most PR reps are looking down at their tables while most BN reps are looking at Raja Nazrin.

3.20pm: Raja Nazrin begins opening address, speaking about global economic crisis.

3.15pm: Raja Nazrin summons Nizar and Ngeh, speaks to them in whispers. PR reps take their seats after asked by Nizar. Raja Nazrin consents to Nizar's request to ask the police to leave.

3.12pm: Cleaners called in to sweep up aftermath before Raja Dr Nazrin Shah enters. PR reps line up to face the Speaker and Ruler's seats.

Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and wife enter Dewan.

3.05pm: Heavy police presence in Dewan. The plain clothes officers, believed to be Special Branch personnel, all sport pegawai tags.

3.04pm: Assembly adjourned for Raja Dr Nazrin Shah to be escorted in.

3pm: Zambry's motion for proceeding to continue passed via voice vote. Plain clothes officers form line in front of Ganesan as well as section for reps' spouses. Ganesan ejects Chan Ming Kai (Simpang Pulai) and Chang Lih Kang (Teja).

2.58pm: Zambry moves motion for sitting to commence. PR are banging tables chanting "Bubar, bubar". Prayer and royal address to precede assembly bussiness.

2.56pm: Ganesan takes over as Speaker. PR protests, and Ganesan asks police to help prevent Zambry from being disturbed.

2.52pm: Teja rep Chang Lih Kang questions Zambry, "Do you condone this?" presumably in reference to the scuffle and subsequent removal of Sivakumar. Sivakumar's wife appears furious, demands to see him. She was escorted out of Dewan by two officers to meet him.

2.43pm: Nizar shouts at police: "Remove all those with no pass, take them out of the building". Reps asked to sit down.

2.42pm: Police trying to break up standoff but reps resist, shouting "Police state".

2.39pm: Sivakumar hauled out by police officers. Rushed out to unknown location. Shouting and tension still ongoing.

2.37pm: Violent scuffle prompts police to intervene. At least two PR reps escorted out, claims assault. Flower pots near Speaker's seat broken. Many police officers and plan clothes officers are in Dewan.

2.32pm: Police officers enter Dewan. Some shoving taking place around Speaker. 

2.27pm: PR reps rush to protect Sivakumar from being removed. DAP's Nga Kor Ming seen exchanging shoves and yelling at BN rep. BN reps shouting that Speaker is elected by Dewan not rakyat.


2.22pm: Men in black suits who rushed to the scuffle are believed to be Special Branch officers. PR shouting police not allowed in. 

2.18pm: Some punches thrown. Sivakumar screaming for police not to enter Dewan.

2.16pm: PR reps chanting "Bubar DUN". BN reps form human shield around Ganesan to keep PR reps away.

2.12pm: Sivakumar again orders Ganesan to be removed. Short scuffle breaks out. Shouting matches mark the tense standoff.  

2.05pm: Nizar, Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham in discussion with former Perak BN chief Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali near Sivakumar's seat. Sivakumar has his lunch at the Speaker's seat. 

Raja Dr Nazrin Shah still waiting to deliver his speech.

1.38pm: Aulong rep Tew Tian Hoe claims Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong sprayed what is believed to be pepper spray during heated exchange between both camps.

12.57pm: Sivakumar orders one-hour adjournment after earlier adjournment. Sivakumar, who denies BN Speaker Ganesan, has not budged from his seat since entering at 10am. Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, who was scheduled to deliver the opening address, has not been able to due to standoff in assembly.

12.53pm: Some minor pushing and shoving between both camps with some shouting "Don't rush" and "Don't touch me".

12.31pm: PR reps again ask Zambry, six exco members and three independents to leave. Shouting "Out, out, out!"

BN in turn asks Sivakumar to leave. Nizar stands next to Sivakumar and holds up Sivakumar's place card, indicating that Sivakumar is the rightful Speaker.

11.55am: BN lawyers enter House on the sidelines. They are Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun, Datuk Shafee Abdullah and Zambry's counsel in suit against Sivakumar, Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaluddin. State legal adviser Datuk Ahmad Kamal Mohd Shahid was earlier seen leaving the hall.

11.37am: Assembly adjourned earlier by BN Speaker Ganesan but most reps still in House. Several PR assemblymen crowd around Nizar in discussion. Nizar appeared calm throughout the shouting fiasco.

11.22am: House quiets down after hour and half of shouting.

11.17am: House temporarily back in order as assemblymen take their seats.

11.13am: Sivakumar announces that he rejected the three motions yesterday in chambers. 

11.10am: BN attempts to table and pass three motions via voice vote before BN Speaker Ganesan. They are motion to change members of Public Accounts Committee, Special Privileges and Rights Committee and Standing Orders Committee. Another motion is to declare the March 3 sitting under tree and all motions adopted then as illegal and void. 

11.02am: There are two Speakers in the Dewan as Ganesan reads motion tabled by Sungai Rapat rep Datuk Hamidah Osman. Sivakumar still standing at Speaker's seat. PR chanting "Haram, haram" to drown out Ganesan's voice. BN reps raise hands to vote.

10.58am: Ganesan takes oath from BN's seats inside Dewan. Heated exchange continues. Sivakumar yells "Speaker haram" at Ganesan. 

10.55am: Ganesan dons Speaker's robes and songkok to loud cheers from BN group.

10.50am: MIC R Ganesan brought into Dewan as BN attempts to pass motion via Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong. More shouting.

10.40am: Ipoh Police Chief ACP Azisman Alias said the situation surrounding the Perak state secretariat was under control.

He told The Edge Financial Daily that adequate police personnel had been stationed around the building and its surrounding area within a 500-metre perimeter and security was under control.

However, he declined to comment on the arrests made so far, adding that state police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah was the correct person to address that matter.

Several 1BlackMalaysia activists as well as some MPs and state reps were arrested earlier for defying a court order barring public gathering within 500 metres of the state assembly. 

10.26am: Zambry persists in tabling motion to remove Sivakumar. BN reps including the three independents raise hands in support. Sivakumar maintains motion invalid as Zambry is suspended. Shouting continues.

10.11am: Sivakumar rejects motion to remove him, says those who file motion have no right to be in assembly. Heated exchange as all assemblymen get to their feet. Sivakumar repeatedly orders the 10 to leave.

10.10am: Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar arrested by police in Ipoh.

10.04am: Perak PAS youth chief among at least 35 people arrested so far as police come down hard on those defying court order from gathering.

Photo by Chua Sue-Ann
Photo by Chua Sue-Ann

Photo by Chua Sue-Ann

10am: Shouting erupts from Dewan. Sivakumar orders Zambry and his six executive councillors to leave. Says sitting arrangement status quo. Sivakumar also orders three independents to leave, and that he won't start until those who were ordered out leave. He says the decision is final.

9.45am: Assemblymen enter the Dewan. Sitting to start soon.

9.36am: Raja Dr Nazrin Shah inspects guards at Perak Darul Ridzuan building accompanied by Sivakumar and Zambry. Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin sits with other assemblymen.

9.32am: Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and his wife arrive at Perak Darul Ridzuan building.

9.30am: A restaurant located below the Ipoh DAP headquarters where most of the people had gathered was ordered to close.

Photo by Surin Murugiah
Photo by Surin Murugiah

Photo by Surin Murugiah

9.26am: State secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Hashim greeted Sivakumar, then asked: "Are you going to do something?"

Sivakumar replied: "I have to do something… Don't worry, we work for the people."

Current arrest count: 23

9.23am: Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir arrives sporting menteri besar tag and full attire. 

9.18am: Speaker V Sivakumar arrives.

9.07am: DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang and M Kulasegaran were turned away from approaching the perak state secretariat building.

Photo by Surin Murugiah

Photo by Surin Murugiah

After a heated exchange with Ipoh Police Chief ACP Azisman Alias, and following the arrest of Kulasegaran's aide, the duo turned away.

Lim said the area had turned into a "warzone and it was an international disgrace".

Azisman at one point shouted at Lim and Kulasegaran that he was not going to negotiate with them and would not hesitate to forcibly turn them away. 

8.57am: Among the arrested are Ampang member of parliament for Ampang and PKR Wanita chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin and Teratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee.

Lee said she was just sitting in a nearby coffeshop and was arrested. Some were shouting 1Black Malaysia as they were taken away by the police.

8.49am: Nine people arrested allegedly for wearing black. They were handcuffed and brought to Perak Darul Ridzuan building in a police truck.

Photo by Surin Murugiah
Photo by Surin Murugiah

Photo by Surin Murugiah

8.22am: Several 1Black Malaysia supporters with posters of Agong arrested outside state secretariat building. After a brief warning asking the activists wearing black t-shirts to disperse, at least five men and two women were held by the police. 

The activists carried posters of Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan, and stood peacefully. 

7am: Heavy police presence outside the Perak secretariat building.

FRU trucks, light strike force, barbed wire are the order of the day as the police are decisively attempting to keep away protesters from disrupting the state assembly proceedings today.

Having learnt well from the March 3 skirmishes with supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition as well those from Barisan Nasional, the police obtained a court order on Wednesday to bar people from gathering within a 500-metre radius from the state secretariat.

Police officers manning most of the access routes are also stringent in allowing passage, restricting them to occupants of the building as well of the schools nearby.