Disgustful and shameful Assembly

By Kadayan Journal

I feel so drained out and disgusted after about five hours glued at my computer screen watching the procession of Perak Assembly on line today.

The only time I left my desk was making a toast of bread and a cup of Nescafe. 

But first I must say this, thank you to bloggers, anilnetto.com and idham.blogspot.com. I kept switching on to these two blogs to keep up with the Dewan-I guess Idham is one of the Aduns who provides some insight with what happening inside the Dewan. I’m not sure how he does this whether it is done using a handled pda or notebook, and he must be very busy while keeping on eye for his Adun’s job. And of course Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini without them many Malaysians wouldn’t have changed their mind set much, in the way they think and see about politics of our country for the last few years. 

This live coverage is something, which Malaysia TVs and radios don’t and can’t provide at least in the way some of us wanted to see and hear. I have not been watching any news from Malaysia TV channels for about three years now. Among the reasons, there are so many other alternatives in which I can see and get Malaysian news perhaps more analytical and authentic. 

What has happening to Perak Dewan assembly today is like reading children’s storybook. I wouldn’t believe it if I don’t witness it, not in this era. In as far as the Assembly is concerned the only new and good thing comes out of this is, people all over the world are witnessing the event, and as to their impression of what they think I wouldn’t know. But if our democracy in Malaysia is measured by using Perak Dewan Assembly procession today as the yardstick, I’m sure our democracy may even far behind Myanmar. 

Can any one not imagine how the Speaker of the House was physically removed from where he sits by unknown persons? While outside the Dewan are surrounded by FRU and police personnel by hundreds in number, if we think seriously about it even mosquitoes can’t get inside the Dewan. 

Have we run out of people with some brains say, a leader or political leader of the country who can stop this mutiny, it isn’t just for the good of Perak State but for the whole of the nation. 

I think this diabolical behaviour can also happen in any parts of Malaysia in similar fashion in just a matter of time. 

It really is shameful and chickenhearted act by the BN government.

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