Do you deserve the government you now have?

By Haris Ibrahim

I got an alert early yesterday morning that there would be arrests before May 7th.

And then a little after 8pm last night, I heard of Chin Huat’s arrest.


For what?

The press release by BERSIH yesterday that’s been reproduced in the last post in this blog?

I think my colleagues on the BERSIH steering committee overstated the call to wear black on 070509 by categorising it as ‘civil disobedience’.

What disobedience?

What law is being broken when people choose to wear black in this country?

Since when was it unlawful to urge your fellow citizens to wear a certain colour on a certain day to send out a strong message of disapproval for acts done by those who purport to act on our behalf in administering this country?

It is now unlawful for the ‘political master’ voters to castigate the derelict elected servants?

Is that what our Malaysia has become?

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