Altantuya Foundation Statement

If Altantuya Shaaribuu would not have crossed path with Abdul Razak Baginda and PM Najib Razak, she would have been happily celebrating her 31st birthday with her parents, her younger sister and her two children on the 6th of May.

No doubt her family terribly missed her on that special day, all the more because the exact circumstances of her untimely death and the reasons why she had to be eliminated in such an horrible manner are not yet fully clear. Unfortunately, the Malaysian authorities do not seem to be overzealous in trying to put some light on an affair which has damaged the international image of Malaysia.

Fortunately, Malaysian are a generous people and a few of them, as well as some Thai people and some Europeans, have made donations to support Altantuya’s two kids through the Altantuya Foundation, based in Bangkok and managed by the Bangkok based NGO Union for Civil Liberties. The total amount is not a huge one, but it is a testimony to the concern of Malaysian and others for the misfortune of a young lady who happened to be a victim in a game where money and political interests have more weight than human life and human kindness.

On the occasion of the birthday of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Altantuya Foundation expresses his sorrow and his sympathy for the family of Altantuya and have a particular thought for her two kids, Altanshagai and Mungunshagai, who are now without a mother.


Arnaud Dubus

Altantuya Foundation Coordinator

[email protected]