Sivakumar seeks assembly sitting postponement

By Deborah Loh, The Nut Graph

Perak Speaker V Sivakumar wrote to the Sultan of Perak this morning seeking a postponement of the state legislative assembly sitting scheduled just three days away.

Sivakumar said he requested the deferment of the 7 May sitting because the matter of who was the rightful Perak menteri besar is still being heard in court.

Sivakumar Sivakumar, a DAP assemblyperson, also said he was concerned about the situation in the House getting out of hand.

"Both sides will want to stand with their principles and I expect the situation to be very difficult to control. Now that the matter is in court, we don't know if the court will make a decision in time. Even if there is a decision, I expect the parties will want to file appeals. The best thing is to postpone," he told The Nut Graph by phone today.

He later issued a press statement posted on his blog about his request to the sultan.

Sivakumar said his letter was sent to the Istana Kinta office around 11am this morning.

"I am of the opinion that it is not appropriate for the state assembly to be held when the position of the menteri besar is still a matter of dispute.

"Additionally, I am also worried about the conflict and disputes which will be difficult to control on that day. I anticipate that both sides will also be trading barbs to defend their respective stand. To protect the harmony, dignity and honour of the House, I have asked Tuanku to postpone the assembly sitting for the time being," Sivakumar said.