We refer to the recent reports on the intention of ISA detainee M.Manoharan to resign his Kota Alam Shah state seat due to concerns of not being able to serve his constituents. We appeal to Manoharan to reconsider his decision.

People of Kota Alam Shah knew what they were voting for when they voted for Manoharan to be elected as their state representative. The savvy Kota Alam Shah voters were aware of the predicament of the nation under the UMNO led government and choose Manoharan to initiate the change in the political scene that took place on March 8.      

HINDRAF is of the opinion that the voters of Kota Alam Shah were ready to deal with and face with an eventuality that their representative may not be able to serve them physically while being imprisoned as a prisoner of conscience. Since the voters are 100% behind their representative, Manoharan should not resign and continue to be their state representative.    

HINDRAF through its effort had campaigned and lobbied in the local and international scene for the release of the HINDRAF 5 and all others held under the ISA and shall continue to do so until all of them are released.  

In so far as to Pakatan coalition, HINDRAF is disappointed that except for occasional press releases and statements, no positive and constructive actions had been initiated to seek Manogaran’s release or easing his burden in serving his constituents.

Further, bearing the absence of Manogaran, his wife had been solely burdened with responsibility of the constituency when the Pakatan coalition could have easily appointed responsible elected representatives/ party members on a rotation basis to oversee and manage the constituents’ needs as oppose to burdening his housewife who is already overloaded with responsibilities of taking care of his legal firm and their family.        

The Pakatan coalition partners need to display their responsibility seriously to live up to the confidence bestowed to them by taking pro active actions and continuous campaign in unison to seek the release of Manoharan as well as all the other ISA detainees. We urge the Pakatan coalition to urgently file a motion to debate the inability of a democratically elected representative to serve his constituents and (at least) stage a walkout should their motion to debate be refused.     


Hindraf- Chairman