Najib must, at all cost, consider Rocky as Editorial Adviser or Group Editor of the NST!

Rusdi Mustapha

And neither Ahmad Talib nor Johan Jaafar should be considered to re-boot, to re-charge, to re-fresh, to take charge of the NSTP to bring it to a respectable level where Malaysians can once again say "not a bad paper"! And that is all that we want.

For our country's total enlightenment and towards helping with a OneMalaysia concept, the job should be given to Rocky aka Ahiruddin Attan! I do not think Ahmad Talib and Johan Jaafar are the right candidates for the job!

I will tell you why Rocky aka Ahiruddin Attan should be considered to take charge of this ailing and once premier Malaysian English paper called the New Straits Timers. I know Rocky a lot better than I know Ahmad Talib (sorry Tok Mat for I must tell the truth about how I feel, for certain important issues are beyond good manners). Also as a friend Rocky and I are bonded a lot closer than I would be with Ahmad Talib, let alone with Johan Jaafar.