Corrupting use of anonymity

Sakmongkol answers Rocky Bru

Friends have called me. They are saying- sakmongkol, habis lah you kali ni. Rocky Bru, the boss of bosses of Blogdom has joined in to hantam you. I wish I can say, I am shaking in my boots. He has come out with ground rules of blogging.

When I reached home, I look up my computer. I read Rocky Bru's take on my article concerning two bloggers which resulted in unintentional effects. Whether anyone believes its unintentional is not relevant to me. It's done and cannot be undone.

Well, my response is, I can accept this form of criticism which distinguishes itself from the many comments and even articles taking the form of childish tantrums which remind me of something that have passed through a cat's digestive system. Indeed some of the comments at the said Rocky article displayed these characteristics. Some stated what can you expect from a KJ supporter, supporter of perasuah, etc., etc.

One commentator who of course choose to remain anonymous, said he/she is sorry to have to take sakmongkol off his blog reading list. I must thank this person because after coming to my home and enjoying my hospitality, the person is being civil by announcing he/she wants to exit. So I say Godspeed.

Here is my way to answer what Rocky has said. It is done in my own style, in my poor English.