Why territorial army follow constituency boundaries?

The proliferation of paramilitary forces (Rela, Natinal Service and now the Territorial Army) in the country is raising more concern by the days: it seems that what the ruling party can’t get by public debates it try to resort to an `organisation’ solution.

But the effectiveness of such regimentation solution is open for all to see: BN parties claim memberships in the millions-yet they may not be able to see the same number of votes in some election contests! Certainly a significant section of these memberships on paper are suspect-with membership paid for by others.

This preference for the `organisation’ solution shows that the ruling parties are not confident to win the debates in open forum-but can only do `brainwashing’ in closed door sessions where the audience are put in some inferior positions and pressured against asking questions freely.


The ineffectiveness of the Biro Tatanegara under the PM department has not convinced the ruling parties strategiests that the days of 1-way communications is numbered in this interactive cyber age?