Zambry tells Pakatan to behave at May 7 assembly sitting

(The Malaysian Insider) – Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir has told his ousted archrival not to act childlishly and fight for the mentri besar’s chair in the state assembly sitting on May 7.

Zambry has also advised both the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to be on their best behaviour when the assembly convenes.

Saying that the assembly would go on as planned, Zambry said: “I hope none of us will resort to behaving like children during the assembly and let the public see this happening.

“There is no need to fight for seats — we (BN) never did that when Nizar was mentri besar,” he told reporters at the 33rd Perak Malay Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting here today.

Zambry, who has been dodging questions on BN’s plans for the assembly sitting, also said that there would be no move to table a motion of confidence in himself as the mentri besar.

“We already have the majority in the House so there is no need to move such a motion.”

He noted that although the BN and PR had an equal number of assemblymen, 28 each, the three Independents would swell BN’s support because of a pact signed with them.

Such a pact, he explained, was similar to the one which binds the three component parties in the PR together — DAP, PKR and PAS.

“It is enough to prove that we have the majority numbers with us – 31 assemblymen. They have to accept it.

“Similarly in the past, we accepted it although till today, PR is not even a registered coalition,” he said.

On whether BN plans to table a motion to remove Speaker V. Sivakumar, Zambry refused to comment.

He smiled and said: “Wait and see.”

It is believed that the much-anticipated assembly will only sit for two days and will have very few items on its agenda.

There will be no debate on Sultan Azlan Shah’s speech and there will also be no question and answer session as the PR has refused to submit questions to the BN government.

BN is also expected to attempt to remove the Speaker through a vote of no confidence.

However, it can be anticipated that the Speaker will reject such a motion.

Meanwhile, Nizar and some former state executive council members from PR have hinted that they plan to take their seats on the right side of the Speaker, which is where the government of the day sits in the House.