Of M’sian transformation : Rulers, soldiers, teachers, corporates and …

1. History are written by victors whilst the vanquished can only tell of what it should have been. To be victorious is to have position, influence and power. That, in the nutshell, is what this posting is all about.

2. Since Ptolemy called the Malay archipelago as Avrea Chesoneve (the golden peninsular), pockets of settlement along the rivers and the beaches are ruled by brawn. These brawny people with his sets of followers command fear and respect from the masses. Over time, these brawny people installed themselves as rulers.

3. With time, these rulers evolved into Sultans, Rajas, Yang di Pertuans and what nots but all represent the supreme head of states. As rulers, they have a set of palace officials ranging from the Bendaharas. Temenggongs, Laksamanas who are dutybound to check and ensure the wellbeing of the state. Along the way, some of these palace officials took over the state and send the Sultans packing and they in turn called themselves Sultans. You see, it is not that difficult to change from a commoner to a Tengku or Raja. If that is done before, it can also be done today and there are quite a few Tengkus or Teukus who are not really Tengkus or Teukus. They say that one of the famous Tengku who used to be an official of high standing is not a Tengku at all. True, false?

4. And some were appointed Sultans, not by direct lineage but due to interference from the British advisers or British resident.

5. When Malaysia were formed in 1963, internal and external forces tried to muscle the young nation of Malaysia either through different ideaology like that of Communism or by territorial disputes. During those trying times, soldiers became an essential part of Malaysian lives.

6. It is common then to see and hear soldiers being much sought after as the favourite son in laws. It is an honour to have members of family as soldiers. With the presence of soldiers to gurd Malaysian territory and patrolling the jungles, the sense of security prevail in the society and with peace, the process of education and development comes along.

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