MACC denies Fairus’ claim

(NST) – Former Penang deputy chief minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin broke his silence yesterday, claiming the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had cleared him of corruption.

But the MACC, when contacted, said otherwise.

The 34-year-old Parti Keadilan Rakyat politician told the New Straits Times that he was contacted by a Penang MACC official about 2pm yesterday informing him that he had been cleared and that the commission would not proceed with action against him.

"Alhamdullilah, I am clear- ed of all the allegations and defamation hurled at me."

MACC chief commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan, however, contradicted Fairus' claim.

Hamdan said the probe had not been completed and Fairus had yet to be cleared of the graft allegations.

Fairus fell out of favour of the PKR leadership following claims about poor performance in the state government and in his former Penanti constituency.

In February, PKR national executive committee member Amizuddin Ahmat claimed that two senior party leaders in the state were working with quarry operators to cover up illegal activities.

Fairus' name was linked to the allegations.

A month later, Fairus tendered his resignation as DCM I and state executive councillor.

Earlier this month, the PKR announced that Fairus had resigned as assemblyman.

The MACC picked up Fairus in Johor Baru on March 26 for questioning over the alleged graft. He was later released.

Yesterday, Fairus, said that he would leave his future in the hands of the PKR leadership.

"The interests of the party are above all others, including my position in the party and the state government."